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Celebrating Launceston’s marvellous Cataract Gorge

The South Esk River from the Trevallyn Dam to the King’s Bridge is a place of spectacular geological formations shaped over thousands of years containing many natural and man-made marvels.

In times of flood it can be an awesome and terrifying place that attracts thousands of sightseers. At other times it is a place of rugged beauty and peaceful tranquillity.

Those who delve a little deeper into the Cataract Gorge story will find strong connections to Tasmania’s First People and numerous links to the early British arrivals and the industrial development of Launceston and the Tamar Valley.

In 2016, Christopher (Gus) Green with Julian Burgess published Duck Reach Launceston’s Electric Light to tell the remarkable story of a pioneering hydro-electric power station built on the South Esk River just a few kilometres for the city.

Now out of print the book has been republished in an expanded form to include a new section covering the many other marvels of the Cataract Gorge and South Esk River.

Duck Reach Launceston’s Electric Light, MARVELS OF THE CATARACT, is a tribute to those who made Launceston a pioneer in renewable energy and recognises the people and organisations working to preserve important and popular parts of Launceston and celebrates many significant events that have influenced the city and Northern Tasmania.

It is nearly 160 years since the iconic King’s Bridge was built across the mouth of the Cataract Gorge and 130 years since the Cataract Gorge Reserve walking track was completed. It is also 130 years since construction started on the Duck Reach Power Station.

It is nearly 120 years since the second span was added to King’s Bridge, with 2022 the centenary of Launceston’s connection to the Waddamana hydro-electric power station and 70 years since work started on the Trevallyn Power Station.

Featuring more than 100 colour and black and white images, Duck Reach Launceston’s Electric Light, MARVELS OF THE CATARACT was printed in Launceston by Bokprint.

The book will be launched at the Queen Victoria Museum at Inveresk on Thursday 17 November 2022 at 2pm and will be available at local bookshops priced at $55.


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